Presentation of short movie “Cuore italiano”

Wednesday 9 at 14:00

Cuore Italiano director is young Russian Viacheslav Zakharov, the short film is based on the novel with the same title by Virginia Grassi. Attending: the director and the actors Simone Montedoro, Matteo Carlomagno, Giovanni Pelliccia (also producer), Chiara Tascione eand producer Gianluca Vania Pirazzoli.
Synopsis: 1916 – 1968 – 1970. Three years grafted on a promise that has to be kept. Tano, a soldier from southern Italy, meets Antonio, a soldier from northern Italy, in the foxhole of Bezzecca, in Trentino. It’s First World War time. During long waitings Tano uses to play barrel-organ. That one barrel-organ that only many years later, in 1968, will come back home in Basilicata taken there by Antonio’s niece. Right there, Anna will meet Gaetano, Tano’s nephew and between them will be love. A movie made of poetry and grace where the beauty of feelings and values is surrounded by romance and melancholy. The ‘heart’ becomes the focus of character’s life.
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