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Cinecittà Spa is a state-owned company. Main departments activities include: managing the legendary Cinecittà Studios and labs.

Cinecittà Spa is a state-owned company whose main shareholder is the Ministero della Cultura (MiC).

Main departments and activities include:

  • Managing the legendary Cinecittà Studios and labs, (founded in 1937), which provides the film and audiovisual industry with a range of essential services: from sound stages, set design and creation to executive production, post-production and restoration expertise.

  • Promoting Italian Contemporary Cinema in the World, as the Italian Member of EFP – European Film Promotion. This includes support at international Festivals, organization of themed events and the publication of an Online Database monitoring new productions and the international circulation of movies.

  • Managing the Creative Europe – Media Desk for Italy

  • Archivio Luce is one of the most important film and photographic Archives, preserving a large audiovisual collection about the history of the twentieth century. It has been included by UNESCO in the registry “Memory of the World”.

  • Publishing Italy for Movies, he portal for locations and film and audiovisual production incentives in Italy and the daily on-line news magazine CinecittàNews

  • Cinecittà Events a system that combines technology and creativity to create events of every type in exclusive and tailored spaces inside the Studios.

  • MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images and Cinecittà Shows Off, the permanent exhibition about Cinecittà Studios, provide a cultural offer to schools, tourists and the domestic public.

  • Promoting Italian Classical Cinema in the World, including organization of dedicated Events in cooperation with leading cultural institutions, film restoration and a film library of 3000 subtitled features.

  • Worldwide distribution of selected classical and contemporary Italian movies and documentaries.

  • Domestic distribution of Italian feature-length films by first and second directors and documentaries.



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