PAVILION • 5 SEPT 2021 • 19:00

Award Ceremony: 19. Kinéo Award

The Kinéo Cultural Association was established at the beginning of 2002 with the aim of promoting Italian cinema in a period of serious crisis in the cinema industry and in conjunction with the issuing of the new Delegated Decrees to supplement the Cinema Law.

This mission has guided Kinéo Cultural Association to create an award, the Kinéo Award (“Diamonds to Italian cinema”) to acknowledge the voice of the audience whom plays a key role in the survival of the industry, of the theatres and, therefore, for the very life of Cinema.

The Kinéo Prize was presented for the first time at the 59th Venice International Film Festival on September 1, 2002 and, on that occasion, held a convention dealing with crucial issues such as the relationship between Cinema and Industry: “Cinema in the business world”.

The following year Kinéo invited at the Venice Film Festival the greatest experts in international film promotion and marketing to address the issues: “Cinema, Marketing and New Media”, in collaboration with advertising agencies, investors, media centres and the major players of Institutions and industry in the sector.

This year, the Kinéo Prize celebrates 20 years of presence in Venice and 19 years of prizes awarded. Born as the audience prize of Italian cinema to support national industry and theatres, over the years it has broadened its horizons by opening up to international audiovisual world, trying to bring together artists from all over the world. The prizes include two awards interpreting the sensitivity of the world of cinema related to the protection of the environment and civil and human rights, the Green & Blue Award and the Movie for Humanity Award and the Art Award, consistent with the Biennale World. Kinéo has been internationally engages on promotion: collaborating to the week of events for the Honorary Award to Lina Wertmüller at the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles and supporting the film “Francesco” on the vision of Pope Bergoglio with worldwide echo. Nonetheless, Kinéo continues to explore cinema and audiovisual issues. Promoting, last year, the seminar on the present and the future of audiovisual: “How a Video Can Change the World” and this year the issue on digitization in the future of industry: “Challenging the Digital Deluge “ at The Venice Production Bridge.

Licia Gargiulo
Katia Damiani



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