PAVILION • 11 SEPT 2020 • 17:30

Ceremony: UNIMED Award 2020

The UNIMED Award, collateral prize of the Venice International Film Festival, results from the collaboration between UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union, an association of 130 universities from 23 countries of the Mediterranean area and the Venice Biennale.
This annual award, launched in 2017 and now at its 4th edition, is assigned by a jury of international students coming from UNIMED associated universities to the movie that most stands for the issues of cultural diversity and integration, in addition to the esthetical criteria. Indeed, since its foundation, UNIMED has always been committed to use education as a global force and a mutual understanding vehicle.
For that purpose, the UNIMED Award promotes the understanding between peoples of different cultures and religious beliefs, it fights racism and discrimination, revealing the complex causes of violence and demonstrating the successful mastering of conflicts.
The aim of the UNIMED Award is to encourage cultural exchanges, highlight the value of cultural diversity and promote freedom of artistic expression.
The award was created in memory of Prof. Franco Rizzi, former Secretary General and founder of UNIMED, for his life-long commitment to cooperation among Euro-Mediterranean universities.





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