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5 years of Italy for Movies: cinema tourism, country promotion and new partnerships.

As films and TV series are increasingly proving to be efficient promotional tools for Italy, the country’s Regional governments – through their individual Film Commissions – are working to attract productions to their territories, also offering financial support. Given the common intent to promote their area, the Film Commissions have begun working with the Regional tourist agencies on co-marketing activities that attract visitors by harnessing a film’s visibility.

The Italy for Movies portal is an efficient tool that combines the requirement to promote a region as a potential set and, also, as a destination for “film tourists”.  The panel explores the link between production choices (including location choice) and the availability of local incentives and regional capability in offering well-organised services to welcome and support productions. It will also assess the impact of audio-visual production in the promotion of Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage through tourism.In keeping with this is the announcement of a protocol between Netflix and Italy for Movies, which will promote audio-visual productions linked to regional areas and enhance the user experience of the portal.

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Maria Grazia Fanchi – Prof.ssa Ordinaria di Cinema, Fotografia, Televisione; Direttrice ALMED. Alta Scuola in Media Comunicazione e Spettacolo (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Cristina Priarone – Presidente Italian Film Commissions
Carmen Diotaiuti – Responsabile operativo e vicedirettore Italy for Movies
Andrea Lolli –  ricercatore e consulente in materia di cinema e turismo
Alexander Long – Public Policy, Netflix
Lucia Borgonzoni – Sottosegretario di Stato per la cultura

Bruno Zambardino – Responsabile Affari UE e Coordinamento istituzionale Italy for Movies (Cinecittà/ DGCA MiC)


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