Meeting – The PNRR for culture: work as a protagonist

PAVILION | 2 SEPT 2021 | 11:30

Chaired by: Sabina Di Marco (National Secretary of Slc CGIL ), Francesco Ranieri Martinotti (ANAC)

Speakers: Lorenzo Casini (Head of MiC Cabinet), Fabrizio Solari (Slc CGIL), Chiara Sbarigia (president of Cinecittà s.p.a.), Andrea Purgatori (Presidente Giornate degli Autori), Roberto Perpignani (Fidac)

Event supported by: Fice, Fidac, 100Autori, Una (Acep, Acmf, Aidac, Anart, Cendic, Comitato Millesoci, Federazione Autori, associazione Compositori Interpreti ed Esecutori, Note Legali, Snac, Uncla, Aut-Autori

During these months of pandemic, awareness and the leading role of work in the culture and entertainment sector have considerly grown. That is also why at the Venice International Film Festival it becomes urgent to open a space for reflection and proposals, to represent the commitment of many professionals, workers and cultural companies in the rebirth and development of the sector that increasingly needs rights in the work and planning. A commitment, however, that is not yet so fully represented within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

As a part of Giornate degli Autori, Slc CGIL and the National Association of Cinematographic Authors (ANAC) organize an initiative that will see the participation of the Ministry of Culture, among others. All the authors’ associations are also invited, Fistel Cisl and La Uilcom Uil, Cinecittà – Istituto Luce, as well as the personalities of culture and entertainment who will be in Venice.

Our aim is to put work, professions and businesses of culture and entertainment at the center of the design and implementation of the PNNR. It is known that in the text approved in Brussels the direct allocation to this important sector does not exceed 2.5% of the total resources, but further assignments from the missions can be envisaged:

  • Digital transformation
  • Green transition
  • Social and territorial cohesion

Reflecting on the extent and way of allocating part of these resources provided for these macro areas of intervention to culture and, more generally, qualifying the expenditure also for the quality of work and the development of professions, is today essential for a country which has its most sought-after treasure in its heritage and cultural image.

The context of the International Film Festival, and more generally of the Venice Biennale, is a clear reference to the central role for our country of all the culture world, including music, theater, art, dance, literature, poetry and any form of cultural expression. Basically, their enhancement within the frame-work of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, alongside their connected to the work sector, is primarly a matter of national interest and identity.

Another in-depth day will take place in Rome at the end of September, in order to discuss issues related to the radical changes in the new technologies, to redefine and update professional profiles in the world of entertainment, conceiving the latter as a priority to become internationally competitive and to promote employment. We will also talk about creativity and territory, cultural spheres, education and tourism, social inclusion. It will also enhance the importance of pedagogical/educational paths, the fundamental relationship with sound, music, art, cinema, poetry from an early age.

It is time to design an overall vision for the sector and set the milestones and synergies in the field, starting from now up to 2026.




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