Presentation: Behind the Light-The Extraordinary Life Of Luca Comerio

PAVILION | 7 SEPT 2021 | 14:00

Cineteca Milano joins the world of videogames with Behind the Light – Vita e avventure di Luca Comerio (Life and adventures of Luca Comerio), an applied game developed from an original idea of Cineteca Milano, with the aim of promoting and disseminating Cineteca’s mission, collections, and Museum to younger audiences.

Behind the Light seeks to educate and entertain players through a series of challenges and mini games that bring to life the adventurous life of Luca Comerio (1878-1940), prominent Italian photographer, filmmaker and director, pioneer of the documentary and film industry. As a photojournalist, Comerio documented the First World War, experimented with the most innovative filming techniques of his time, including KinemaColor – a method used for reproducing colours –, and became a daring and adventurous witness of History and of the greatest personalities of the early 20th century. Cineteca Milano preserves a rich batch of his precious films – which it has digitally restored –, works of art which constitute an essential part of the historical heritage of Italian cinema.

Matteo Pavesi (General Manager of Cineteca Milano), Marco Accordi Rickards (General Manager of Fondazione Vigamus), Micaela Romanini (Business Development Director IDRA Interactive Studios) will present the Project and preview a selection of images and clips from the game.




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