PAVILION • 4 SEPT 2021 • 10:00

Presentation: Metaponto Film Network / PrimaVera DOC


Matteo Pianezzi – Head of OMeFN
Francesco Lattaurlo – Head of Industry OMeFN
Angelo Troiano – Project Manager MeFN


The Metaponto Film Network is a business event satellite to the Olbia Film Network born with the aim of extending the entire appointment to the world of documentaries, involving the major representatives of   the real cinema industry in Basilicata. The event primarily addresses to first and second productions and acts as an inclusive project not only of operators in the sector, but also of institutions and national and international socio-economic actors as recognition of the value of cinema as Art but also as Industry and  set of productive activities.

PrimaVera DOC is the main program of the idustry days dedicated to under 40 Italian directors looking for a producer. The activities aim at making the realization of first or second opera easier, candidate projects must be creative or entertainment documentaries in development, preferably with a first draft treatment. The program mainly facilitates projects with a strong potential for international co-production. The selection of the 6 documentary films that will have the opportunity to meet a large parterre of producers and distributors in dedicated sessions will be unveiled during the 78th Venice International Film Festival.




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