PAVILION • 7 SEPT 2021 • 17:30

Presentation of the Zavattini Award and the Finalists of the 2021/22 Edition

The Cesare Zavattini Award announces the nine finalist projects of the 2021/22 edition, selected by the Jury chaired by producer Gregorio Paonessa and composed of director and screenwriter Mariangela Barbanente, editor Luca Gasparini, documentalist Nathalie Giacobino and director Chiara Malta.

Vincenzo Vita, president of the AAMOD Foundation (on line)
Alberto Barbera, artistic director of the Venice International Film Festival

Enrico Bufalini, director of the Luce historical archive
Laura Delli Colli, president of the Sngci and of the Board of Directors of the Cinema per Roma Foundation
Antonio Medici, director of the Cesare Zavattini Award
Gabriella Gallozzi, founder and director of  Bookciak Action! Award
Aurora Palandrani, member of the Aamod Foundation Board of Directors
Gregorio Paonessa, Ceo & Producer Vivo Film, president of the Jury of Zavattini Award 2021/22


The Cesare Zavattini Award, now in its sixth edition, promotes the creation of three short movies that envisage the creative reuse of archival cinema. Young professional and non-professional filmmakers, of any nationality, aged between 18 and 35 can compete for the initiative: it is sufficient to present the project of a short film, of a maximum duration of 15 minutes, which includes the use, even partial, of the film material of the Aamod Foundation, partner archives or other archives. Among the projects received, a Jury composed of five important personalities of italian cinema chooses nine finalists, whose authors have the opportunity to participate in training and development meetings, led by established professionals. At the end, the same Jury selects three winning projects from among the finalists who, in addition to freely using the film material of the Aamod and the partner archives, receive free support services for the realization of the short films and the sum of 2,000 euros for each project.

The Cesare Zavattini Award is an initiative promoted and organized by Aamod (the Audiovisual Archive Foundation of the Labor and Democratic Movement), supported by the Ministry of Culture – Cinema Direction, by the Lazio Region, by the Istituto Luce Cinecittà and by Nuovo Imaie, with the partnership of Home Movies and the collaboration of the Cineteca Sarda, the Archive of Migrant Memories, the Bookciak Action! Award, Deriva Film and Officina Visioni, UCCA and FICC. Media partner: Radio Radicale and Cineclub Diaries.

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