Presentation “Un Marziano di nome Ennio – A Martian named Ennio” by Davide Cavuti

PAVILION | 6 SEPT | 10:00

Presentation meeting of the documentary film “A Martian named Ennio” by director Davide Cavuti, inspired by the life of the screenwriter Ennio Flaiano.
The film tells about the life and thd works of Flaiano through a realistic fiction entrusted to Massimo Dapporto (playing the role of Ennio Flaiano), Michele Placido (in the role of Vittorio De Sica), Mariano Rigillo (Federico Fellini), Pino Ammendola (Peppino Amato); Lino Guanciale (a journalist inspired by the figure of Carlo Mazzarella) and through the interventions of authoritative personalities from the world of cinema and culture such as Enrico Vanzina, Giuliano Montaldo, Paola Gassman, Masolino D’Amico, Giuseppe Rosato.

The director Davide Cavuti, Gabriele Antinolfi (Director of the «L. Chiarini Library» in «Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia» situated In Rome, Federico Savina (teacher at «Scuola Nazionale di Cinema») and some actors of the cast will take part to the presentation.


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