Reimagine: How cinema talks about science and culture

PAVILION | 1 SEPT 2021 | 15:00

Participants of the event: Pasquale Frega, Country President & CEO Novartis Italia, Manuela Cacciamani, Founder of One More Pictures, Laura Delli Colli, President of Giornalisti Cinematografici, Alessandra Carbonaro, member of the Seventh Commission (Culture, Science, Education) of the Camera dei Deputati, Ana Luiza Massot Thompson-Flores, Director of the Venice UNESCO Office, Brenno Placido, main actor of Reimagine and Gianluca Mangiasciutti, director.

Will take part to the event Francesco Rutelli, Anica President.
The moderator will be: Gianluca Ansalone, Head of Public Affairs e Sustainability Novartis Italia


During the event the short film “Reimagine” will be shown.

The world of Cinema as always given us the possibility to speak directly to society. This is why it is an important resource for communities to reach a higher self-consciousness of what are the priorities of their future.
Novartis’ focus on communicating its own mission indicates a proactive and confident vision that challenges its limits and looks straight to a new future, by using the expressive potential of cinema to send its message to an always bigger crowd.
The Reimagine: how cinema talks about science and cultureevent, with the showing of the short film Reimagine, will give us the opportunity to think about the importance of a direct dialogue between private companies and society, made by the main purpose of a continuous enhancement of our Country’s culture.



Angela Bianchi
Cristina Clarizia




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