Chiara Sbarigia

Nicola Maccanico

Claudio Ranocchi
Director Administration, Finance

Giancarlo Di Gregorio
Director Communication and PR

Enrico Bufalini
Director Historical Archive, Films and Docs

Domenico Pinuccio D’Arino
Director of Production

Istituto Luce – Cinecittà is a state-owned company whose main shareholder is the Ministero della Cultura (MiC).

Main departments and activities include:

  • Managing the legendary Cinecittà Studios and labs, (founded in 1937), which provides the film and audiovisual industry with a range of essential services: from sound stages, set design and creation to executive production, post-production and restoration expertise.
  • Promoting Italian Contemporary Cinema in the World, as the Italian Member of EFP – European Film Promotion. This includes support at international Festivals, organization of themed events and the publication of an Online Database monitoring new productions and the international circulation of movies.
  • Managing the Creative Europe – Media Desk for Italy
  • Archivio Luce is one of the most important film and photographic Archives, preserving a large audiovisual collection about the history of the twentieth century. It has been included by UNESCO in the registry “Memory of the World”.
  • Publishing Italy for Movies, he portal for locations and film and audiovisual production incentives in Italy and the daily on-line news magazine CinecittàNews
  • Cinecittà Events a system that combines technology and creativity to create events of every type in exclusive and tailored spaces inside the Studios.
  • MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images and Cinecittà Shows Off, the permanent exhibition about Cinecittà Studios, provide a cultural offer to schools, tourists and the domestic public.
  • Promoting Italian Classical Cinema in the World, including organization of dedicated Events in cooperation with leading cultural institutions, film restoration and a film library of 3000 subtitled features.
  • Worldwide distribution of selected classical and contemporary Italian movies and documentaries.
  • Domestic distribution of Italian feature-length films by first and second directors and documentaries.